10 Things to Never Buy on Impulse

If you suffer from “Got to have it now Syndrome” then you have probably bought a lot of items on impulse and later regretted it. Here are 10 things you never want to buy on impulse. 

10 things to never buy on impulse

  1. Furniture

  2. Electronics (Cell phones, tablets, tv’s, computers)

  3. Weight Loss Products

  4. Designer Clothes (purses and shoes are included)

  5. Vehicles

  6. Timeshares

  7. Wedding Dress

  8. House

  9. Exercise Equipment

  10. Large Home Appliances

While a few of these are things you probably will never buy (timeshares, exercise equipment, etc.) it’s better to make an informed buying choice when it is time to make a purchase.  The danger with buying something like a house on impulse is that you have to live with that decision for a long time or risk losing a substantial amount of money. An easy way to stop buying on impulse is to give yourself time to shop around and really consider if this is something you need and if you can afford it. Have you ever bought something and later regretted your decision? I’d love to hear from you.

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