50 Ways to Make Money on the Side

If you need to supplement your income or want to pay off some debt, starting a “side hustle” is a great idea. I’ve compiled a list of 50 ways that  you can make some money on the side. The great part about this list is that most of these can be started for free or under $50!

50 ways to make extra money on the side to help pay off debt or supplement your income.

  1. Baking Cupcakes
  2. Baking Cakes
  3. Baking Pies
  4. Baking Cookies ( I personally have made over $50k doing this online through my store Moms Make Milk).
  5. Sitter/Personal Care Attendant for the elderly and/or disabled
  6. Seamstress
  7. Designing Banners
  8. Creating Invitations (I sell invites on Etsy).
  9. Proofreading
  10. Virtual Assistant
  11. Baby sitting (I did this in college and it helped me get my first car)
  12. Pet sitting
  13. Vacation Planning
  14. House Cleaning
  15. Lawn service
  16. Creating Flower arrangements
  17. Gardening
  18. Face painting
  19. Tutoring ( I did this in high school)
  20. Grant writing
  21. Writing eBooks
  22. Social media management
  23. Make up artists
  24. Personal shopper
  25. Mystery shopper
  26. Mom assistant
  27. Personal trainer
  28. Health/wellness coach
  29. Professional Organizer
  30. Smart phone/tablet set up
  31. Writing codes for websites and apps
  32. Smart phone/tablet repair
  33. Graphic/logo design
  34. Djay
  35. Musician
  36. Teaching Music lessons
  37. Vocalist/singer
  38. Selling Avon
  39. Selling Mary Kay
  40. Diet Coach
  41. Sell educational resources on Teachers Pay Teachers
  42. Home Interior Designer
  43. Selling Essential Oils
  44. Selling Weight Loss Products
  45. Create Hair Bows
  46. Resell items on eBay
  47. Photographer
  48. Pregnancy concierge
  49. Resume Writer (I offer this service currently if you need a professional resume I can help)
  50. Product Reviewer

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