Commit to a Cash Only Christmas

Commit to a cash only Christmas this year. Plus a free Christmas budget template to keep you on track. What is a Cash Only Christmas?

A cash only Christmas means that you will only use cash to pay for Christmas gifts, parties, decorations and any other Christmas related expenses. 

A survey conducted reported that 56% of Americans will go into debt this holiday season. The average American household will spend $929 for Christmas in 2016.

If you are a part of that group, really ask yourself what it is about Christmas that makes you want to go in debt, take out a pay day loan, take money from your emergency fund, miss a bill, etc. Is it really worth it? I have children so I know the joy of putting a smile on your child’s face Christmas morning or getting an over the top gift for bae(significant other). I have to ask myself is it worth borrowing from my future to pay for Christmas presents.

I’m not against spending money on your family or friends at Christmas time, I just believe that you should be smart about your spending habits. Using a budget that is based on the cash you actually have rather than using credit cards or delaying paying bills is the way to go.

This year consider your budget, think about your short and long term financial goals and decide for yourself what your Christmas budget should be. I made a Christmas budget that accounts for gifts, parties, decorations, dinner, etc and you can download the free template today. Let’s commit to a debt free Christmas this year as we prepare for the New Year.

Christmas Budget Template

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